ARPH Conference 2024

Building bridges for health

March 25 & 26, 2024 - Maastricht


Dear colleagues

We can’t wait to meet all of you in Maastricht at the Van der Valk hotel for the 13th annual ARPH conference: Building bridges for health, on March 25th and 26st 2024. 

Under the theme “Building bridges for health”, the Scientific Programme Committee of ARPH is aiming for a broad programme of lectures, workshops, posters and networking initiatives concerning the latest developments in research about psychosocial approaches to health and illness. 

This year, we particularly want to highlight the facet of building bridges within health care and research. Indeed, in many cases researchers and/or clinicians aim to strengthen the links between research and clinic, reduce disparities in health care, or translate findings from the lab to real-life situations. In each of these situations, we build in our own way bridges to advance knowledge and practice concerning health and illness.

We look forward to meeting you in Maastricht!

Dimitri Van Ryckeghem & Kai Karos
ARPH Conference 2024 Committee 

Meet our keynote speakers

Prof. Gera Nagelhout

Prof. Gera Nagelhout is endowed professor ‘Health and Well-being of People with a Lower Socio-economic Position’ at Maastricht University and lector ‘Citizen Engaged Science’ at Avans University of Applied Sciences. Her research focuses on finding solutions for socioeconomic differences in health and wellbeing by working together with citizens.

Meet our keynote speakers​

Prof. Evelyne de Leeuw

Evelyne is professor of One Urban Health (supported by a Canada Excellence in Research Chair) at the Université de Montréal (Quebec, Canada) and professor of Urban Health and Policy at the University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia). She also works with a range of international bodies, including WHO and the International Union for Health Promotion and Education IUHPE, to address broad distal determinants of health, mostly in urban settings. These include the interactions between nature, humans and ecosystems, and addresses equity and social/behavioural systems. Evelyne has published >400 peer-reviewed articles, half a dozen scholarly books, and two novels.

And the nominees are...

ARPH PhD Award

We invite submissions for the ARPH PhD Award. The award is meant to support young researchers in the field of psychology and health who just received their PhD title.

Strengthen your network

Meet a mentor

The ARPH is organizing another “Meet a mentor” programme. At the conference, junior researchers are given the opportunity to schedule a 30-60 minute meeting with a senior researcher (mentor). Before the meeting, the juniors will send a short summary and some questions they would like to discuss.

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