Extra Activities

Next to the conference program, we will organize some extra activities to make ARPH 2020 more inspiring, fun and green!
In this way, you will have the opportunity to meet or reconnect with colleagues from across the Netherlands and Belgium.
Please find below what you can expect:


Two parallel workshops will be held on Thursday January 30th: one for juniors and one for seniors.

Workshop 1: BINGO for academics – for juniors

A workshop by PhD-students for PhD-students 

Can you find someone who… made a research visit abroad? ….has experience with multilevel modeling in R? …has more than three supervisors? …collaborates with external parties? …loves or hates giving oral presentations?

In this workshop PhD-students will be invited to find connections, share experiences and exchange advice by playing a game in a very informal setting.

Workshop 2: Knowledge updating – for seniors

A workshop by Prof. Denny Borsboom (University of Amsterdam) 

Network approaches to psychopathology: An overview

In the network approach to psychopathology, disorders are sets of causally connected symptoms. This conceptualization offers novel perspectives on the theoretical status of mental disorders: instead of cleanly separable categories that reflect central neural or psychological deficits, disorders are tightly connected regions in a symptom network. This conceptual framework suggests novel approaches to both the analysis of research data and the organization of treatment interventions, primarily through the application of network analysis: a set of techniques that offers powerful tools to study the dynamics of interconnected systems, to analyze the architecture of networks involving large numbers of entities (e.g., neurons, people, genes, variables), and to visualize connectivity structures in such networks. In addition, network approaches have led to the developments of new theories on the nature of mental disorders. In the workshop, I will give an overview of the most important insights and results that have arisen from the network approach.


The dinner is traditionally a highlight in the social program of the ARPH Conference and provides an opportunity to relax and enjoy the meeting outside the scientific program. The Conference Dinner of the ARPH 2020 will be hosted by Hotel Zuiderduin. It will consist of a walking buffet of modern gastronomy. The Conference Dinner is included in the congress fees and covers a wide variety of dishes (vegan options can be arranged too).

Beats, Bowling & Beverages

One of the advantages bowling has over golf, is that you seldom lose a bowling ball…

Lucky Strike Bowling in Hotel Zuiderduin has 8 spectacular bowling tracks. With striking light shows and sparkling dance floor, it is the perfect occasion for an evening of fun, sportsmanship and party. Bowling starts at 21.00 hrs on Thursday January 30th. Watch a short impression of the bowling by clicking the photo! The bowling event will be accompanied by funky tunes of DJ Ricky.

Kom in de sfeer met deze video van Lucky Strike Bowling!

The Green Theme – Trash Walk @ The beach

This year, the ARPH conference will be extra green! Next to applying multiple ways to make the conference as sustainable as possible, there will be a lovely trash walk  in the morning of Friday January 31st that you can join. We will walk across the beach and pick up trash along the way. Feel the winter breeze in your hair and clear your mind while taking care for the environment, a real win-win! You will be extra ready for the inspiring day coming!

Meet a mentor

  • A number of experienced researchers will be invited to share their knowledge and experience with a junior colleague in a private meeting during the conference. This meeting provides junior researchers the opportunity to benefit from their expertise and to ask for advice on their own work and career.
  • The minimum duration of the meetings will be half an hour. There will be a designated room for the meetings during lunch times, but another time to meet during the conference can be chosen if preferred.
  • A webpage with names and topics of expertise of participating mentors will be launched in November. Junior researchers can apply for the program when registering for the conference, and select a mentor from the list who matches their interests most closely.