Reviewer Instruction

Call for abstracts open!

Dear reviewer,

Thank you for accepting your role as abstract reviewer for the ARPH Conference 2020. We have used an online tool in which all submitted abstracts are saved. Below you will find an instruction on how to review the individual abstracts and give your advice to the abstract committee. The abstract committee will make the final decision on acceptance or rejection based on the advice of all reviewers. Please review the abstracts at the latest on October 25, 2019.

Should you have any questions, the do not hesitate to contact us.

ARPH Conference Secretariat 2020

Monique Weimar – Conference Agency Mediscon

Step 1 – Set up user account

You will receive an invitation by e-mail from the team of AbstractWiz, our online tool.
Please follow the instructions and activate your account by setting up a user account.

Step 2 – Review the abstracts

After the login, you will be taken to a page called “My Review List”. This page shows all the abstracts that need your review.

To review  an abstract, click on the abstract title. This will take you to the content of the abstract. Click on the green button to add your abstract rating. In case an abstract is part of a symposium, please first read the description of the total symposium. You can make use of the comment section in case you would like to explain your advice.

Finalise your review by clicking the “Submit” button. Follow this instruction for all abstracts.