16 & 17 June 2022  |  Egmond aan Zee

Social Program

During the conference there is ample opportunity to socially interact with old or new colleagues, during the tea/coffee breaks, during the lunch, and during the conference dinner. Besides this, there are two additional social events:

Sand Castle Game

Thursday 18.15 – 19.15 hrs

You’ve probably ever attempted to build a sandcastle to find out it’s not as easy as it looks. It’s like science, it takes a lot of effort and piloting, but along the way you’ll become an expert. As we appreciate team science, you will be working in teams and the only task of your team is to make an impressive sand castle. We can’t promise you’ll take top honors, but follow these simple steps to finetune your team’s sandcastle building skills:

  1. Gather your research materials (gear is provided by the organization, but first come = first serve). You are allowed to bring your own gear!
  2. Location is everything. Fine-grained sand will compact better than coarse, so scout your beach carefully. Do not forget to build past the tide line. And take into account this quote by an anonymous sand castle scholar: “If you can bike on the beach, it’s probably suitable for building.”
  3. Like research, sand castles need solid foundations. Make sure that the sand is wet enough and stump and stomp on your sand foundation.
  4. Now let the fun begin and build on the foundation. Let your imagination run wild. Keep practicing and the sky’s the limit for your sand castle.

Beats, Bowling, and Beverages

Thursday 21.00 – 01.00 hrs 

Thursday evening after the conference dinner there will be a DJ. There is time for beats, beverages, and bowling. Relax and replenish, so that you are ready the next day for a whole day of interesting presentations and keynotes.

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