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Senior Workshop

Single-case experimental design

Single-case experimental designs (SCEDs) have a long-standing tradition in psychology and educational science, but are also increasingly used in disciplines like rehabilitation and neuroscience. In this workshop, we give a general introduction to the methodology of SCEDs, its rationales, and the different experimental designs available to applied researchers. Key components for conducting valid SCED studies are highlighted. We explore how SCEDs are pivotal in the shift towards personalized healthcare. We give a brief overview of analytical methods with references for further study. During the interactive part of the session, we discuss how the attendees can use SCEDs in their own research.

Johan Vlaeyen & Renè Tanious (Maastricht University)
Junior PhD Workshop

The Open Science Spring: Melting Obstacles Like Snow in the Sun

Open Science principles and practices promise many opportunities for improving both the rigor and the efficiency of health psychology research. At the same time, when attempting to engage in Open Science, a researcher can encounter a number of obstacles. This workshop leverages the wealth of experience and expertise present among the ARPH delegates to produce solutions to such obstacles in an interactive format.

We will start with introducing a broad spectrum of Open Science practices that participants may want to implement in their projects. Participants will then be invited to select one of their own projects, identify potential obstacles they may face in adhering to Open Science principles, exchange experiences and thoughts on these obstacles, and together troubleshoot them.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have familiarized themselves with Open Science practices, have gained a flexible mindset to tackle obstacles that may turn up, trained their Open Science-related troubleshooting skills and enhanced their self-efficacy. Make sure to bring your laptop, a good mood, and your swimming gear!

Tuğçe Varol (Utrecht University) & Gjalt-Jorn Peters (Open University)
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